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The Blow-fill seal technology (BFS) is gaining enormous popularity within the pharmaceutical industry. The market demand for aseptic packaging of products such as bottles, vials, ampoules and pre-filled syringes & injectables using the BFS process is growing. These products are traditionally customized using labelling, embossing or pad printing. However, with the growing number of variations in BFS formats and the need to customize for different markets and to change artworks, pharmaceutical manufacturers are looking for a cost-saving solution that allows quick changeovers with no mechanical work.

We, at Graniten have been listening to our customers challenges and developed a new technology together with our partner company Hapa AG. The digital pad printer, which is the result of a close partnership between Graniten and Hapa will allow BFS manufacturers to change artwork in a simple click, eliminate cliché plates, cut on inventory and shorten changeover times to close to zero.