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In the Sweet Spot between Performance and Sustainability

A new look for Santa Claus this Christmas! Wrapped in an innovative holographic foil developed at Constantia Pirk, our new chocolate foil changes his style based on your viewing angle. Innovative features like this – combined with the superior barrier properties and pioneering sustainability of our packaging – have made Constantia Flexibles a leading provider of aluminum foil wrappers for seasonal confectionery and popular pralines.

The chocolate Santa is always a crowd pleaser at Christmas, just like other favorite seasonal chocolates: from gold-wrapped baubles for the holiday tree and colorful Easter bunnies to ghoulish Halloween treats, and red-wrapped Valentine hearts. Aluminum foil from Constantia Flexibles is the ideal wrapper for these uniquely-shaped specialty items as well as “everyday” pralines individually foil-wrapped to suit their shape.

The ability to wrap virtually any shape is one strategic benefit of aluminum foil, sustainability is another. In keeping with our pledge to make all of our packaging recyclable by 2025, Constantia Flexibles is committed to producing recycling-ready confectionery wrappers. Our aluminum foils can be easily separated in existing waste streams and recycled in a process that uses only 5% of the energy required in the primary production of aluminum. Moreover, it can even be recycled infinite times with zero loss of quality, as explained in the video below. More progress towards our goal of reducing our overall carbon footprint and actively contributing to the circular economy!